Muster for War at Gainsborough Old hall 1482

04 April 2016


23-24th April. (Saturday & Sunday) Old Hall. ‘Muster for War 1482’ The truce with the kingdom of Scotland is due to end soon and Edward IV and his government are keen to put pressure on the Scottish king to ensure he is keen to arrange another peace. Two of Edwards chief supporters and councillors – John, Lord Howard and Sir Thomas Burgh are hard at work raising their retainers to make up an effective army with which to march north to confront the Scots with their king.

Over the weekend you will be able to watch the soldiers as they drill and practice to become efficient with the wicked and lethal weapons of the Wars of the Roses.

The Scottish are making warlike noises and they are keen to find out just how serious the English are about invasion. Look out then for Scottish spies as the household take the manor house back to the vivid social life of the period. Watch Sir Thomas and Lady Margaret dress for the day, the kitchen as it labours to produce dishes for below and above the salt – lots to see and a chance to join in – more information closer to the dates - Visit their website


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