Search & Rescue Helicopters new base at Humberside International Airport

27 February 2015

"The first of the UK's ten new search and rescue bases was launched at Humberside Airport and hailed as essential to the growing economy of North East Lincolnshire.

It has now been taken over by Bristow Helicopters Ltd in conjunction with the Maritime Coastguard Agency.The base's captain in charge is Liz Forsyth, who is responsible for nine pilots and a total staff of around 30 crew and administrators.
She said the S-92 is capable of 145 knots and can be at a rescue scene very quickly.It can carry up to 20 people.
The former RAF Sea King search and rescue pilot said: "This is a much more modern aircraft with the latest technology in a very powerful aircraft. It is the best helicopter to fly and will stand up to all weather conditions."If we were rescuing the crew of a fishing boat for example, we could get up to 20 on board."

The Agency's chief executive Sir Alan Massey praised the staff and volunteers of the service.

He said: "I am hugely proud that HM Coastguard has been entrusted with the UK's search and rescue helicopter service.

"For us this is a continuation of the high-quality service that we have been providing in selected areas of the UK for the past 30 years.
"The RAF and Royal Navy have set the bar incredibly high, and I would like to thank them for their service and recognise the outstanding work they have done both inland and on the coast over many decades. We will take their legacy forward with the utmost pride and care".

Samantha Willenbacher, director of UK Search and Rescue at Bristow Helicopters Ltd, said: "It is an honour to have been chosen to deliver this vital service across the UK. We know this is a service that people rely on in times of great need and we are committed to continuing the great work of the military.
"We have enormous respect for the dedication that our military colleagues have demonstrated in delivering search and rescue over the past 70 years and we have always understood how vital it is that their knowledge and expertise is maintained. We have worked closely with them in preparing for the civilian service to go live and have also welcomed many of them into the new civilian SAR force. "I would like to thank all of those here in Humberside and around the UK who are supporting us in our preparations for the service going live."

The company's aircraft and crews have been at the Humberside base since the beginning of January 2015 making preparations for the service going live and conducting a raft of training exercises with local search and rescue partners. The company has also worked with a number of local small and medium-sized enterprises during the base construction.

Bristow was awarded a ten-year contract by the Department for Transport two years ago to carry out the UK search and rescue service. It will deliver the service from ten bases strategically located close to areas with the highest number of emergency incidents"

Gillingham Rest Guest House welcomes Bristow and all the staff to the Humberside and the surrounding area and wish them good health & happiness whilst serving in their duties here.

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